Atlas functions do not appear to support Promise.allSettled?

I’m using the firebase-admin SDK in my app, but when I call the sendEachForMulticast method, it throws error TypeError: 'allSettled' is not a function.

Do Atlas functions not yet support the Promise.allSettled function? If so, is there somewhere I can put in a feature request to support it?

For context:

Here’s how I’m using it in my code:

exports = async function sendNotification (message) {
  const firebase = require('firebase-admin')
    /* My credentials are here */

  await firebase.messaging().sendEachForMulticast(message)

I’m able to get around this by instead using the send method within a Promise.all, as shown below:

  await Promise.all( message =>
    await firebase.messaging().send(message)

But ideally it would be nice to be able to use the intended SDK method for this situation, rather than having a bunch of duplicates of my exact same message but just with different recipient tokens.