Atlas does not recognize my IP

I have been trying to connect to atlas with my router at home and it won’t let me, now when I try another router if it works, could it be because of the provider since the routers are from different providers?

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There may be a number of reasons why this is happening. Kindly make sure you have whitelisted the IP when trying to connect. Atlas allows client connections only from IP addresses and CIDR address ranges in the IP access list. Atlas also uses a CDN to serve content quickly. If you’re using a firewall, add the following Atlas CDN host to the firewall’s allow list to prevent issues accessing the Atlas UI:
You can read more about this from the documentation: Attempting to connect from behind a firewall

Additionally, as you pointed out that there are different providers, it may also be that your ISP is blocking the port from which you’re trying to connect to your Atlas Cluster, so it might be worth checking that too.

I’m also linking some documentation that you should find helpful: Troubleshoot Connection Issues
Set Up Atlas Connectivity

Hope this helps. If not, please provide any error or warning message that you may be getting while trying to connect to Atlas. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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