Atlas Device Sync

Hello guys, I really need help: This is my first time working with Realm. I’m using my app ID to connect to atlas device sync.
On Dev Mode, I can generate all the collections, but whenever I save any data, it’s never synced. The data is kept locally and never goes to the database in the atlas cloud.
Am I missing something?
Please help!

Hi @Musekwa_Evariste, for starters, I would recommend setting up our template application to see a working example on how to use Realm with sync. Here is a link to our tutorial. When that is working, you can compare that to your current implementation to see if you are missing some sort of configuration in Atlas, or locally in your application code.

I hope this helps. Please reply if you are running into any problems.

Hi @Andrew_Meyer,

Thanks for the tips you gave me. I followed the tutorial you recommended me, and it worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, I’m still having the same problem, since my use cases seem to be more complex that the one shown in the tutorial.

For instance, I need to implement custom user data. I couldn’t find any tutorial showing how to save custom user data. The one I found only shows how to update and delete some user data.

Can you recommend someone who can mentor me on this topic, in case you don’t have enough time to do it? I can pay this service.

Locally, Mongo Realm works perfectly without any authentication and device sync enabled. For this app, I need to enable any authentication provider with custom user data and the device sync.


Hi @Musekwa_Evariste,

I’m part of Technical Support for Realm: we can try to help you here, if you can forward us more details about the specifics of your app, but, it being a public forum, there may be information that you wouldn’t be ready to share so broadly. It’s your decision, however, so feel free to follow up here.

There are otherwise consulting packages available, if you feel ready for them, but in my opinion the best option at this stage is to get Developer Support from your Atlas Project page, that’s cheap enough at 49$/month, and has a 30 days trial. There you can create 1-to-1 support cases that will be followed by myself or my colleagues (who will respond depends also by your timezone), and it’s precisely our job to frame the issues you may be experiencing and answer your questions.

Let me know how you want to proceed.

Hi @Paolo_Manna,

Thanks for this information. This is the kind of support I need. I’m adopting Mongo Realm as one of the main technologies used by my apps. It’s important that I get a such Developer Support.

I’ve just registered for the Developer Support from my Atlas Project page and, right now, I’m waiting for the support portal to be available, before I submit a request for further support.

I might come back to this comments’ thread if anything goes wrong in the support portal.

Thanks to you and @Andrew_Meyer for the support.