`atlas deployments setup` hangs with no output

I am following this page to create a local atlas deployment but after running the command atlas deployments setup selecting local and default the command hangs and i see no output.
I am using a M1 macbook.

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Hi @pscl - Welcome to the community.

When selecting the the local Atlas deployment as default did you receive any pop up message outside of the terminal regarding Podman?

Ontop of this, can you try the following troubleshooting steps regarding podman and then try set up the local Atlas deployment again?


FWIW - I did get the same behaviour you described initially but following the troubleshooting steps on my M1 machine allowed me to receive the following prompts after selecting a local Atlas deployment of default (as per the guide you have linked):

1/3: Starting your local environment...
2/3: Downloading the MongoDB binaries to your local environment...
3/3: Creating your deployment local4079...

I’ll let this complete but let me know if those steps do not work for you.


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