Atlas database reports

Hi, is there any way to get database reports out from atlas. something like the cluster configuration and database size and number of users etc…

Depending on what you’re looking for, other than what you can see in the UI, the API may be the best bet

It’d be great to hear more about what you’re aiming to do

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My customer wants have keep on eye on the disk and cpu use which he wants these details to be shared in the email, most of the things in the metrics but they are looking out in the form of the report that will be generated and can be shared in email…

I’m a DBA, so how can I better use these API methods to get number of users and other information for my customer. I assume these API methods should be called with programming languages… I might not know like DBA can also use tools or something to run these methods… any help on this is highly appreciated

The API methods can be used for deriving these kinds of details but if you’re not keen to script around the API endpoints your better bet might be to use the UI