Atlas Cluster provisioning with Terraform (CDKTF)

I’m trying to understand the course of actions I need to take in order to create a Project + Cluster in Atlas using Terraform (more like CDK TF).

The latest development is me not getting the right configuration for IP Policy so that I can trigger the creation of resources from a GitHub Action runner (upon pushing a commit to a certain repo) - getting the error “IP_ADDRESS_NOT_ON_ACCESS_LIST”
One thing I will try is adding all the GitHub Runners IPs as entries, but even if it works, I’m not sure it’s the correct thing to do.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Sharon_Grossman - Welcome to the community forums!

It’s a bit of a longer read but perhaps some of the information on the following post may help. The user on that post was also utilising GitHub Action runner and terraform with Atlas :slight_smile:.

Let me know if there is any confusion although I must note that I am not too familiar with the GitHub Action runner side of things!


@Sharon_Grossman just checking if you were able to resolve this issue? If not, feel free to share any specific output/errors you are getting and we’re happy to help troubleshoot.

Kind regards,

Yes thanks, the post in Jason’s answer clarified it :slight_smile:


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