Atlas Charts Variables


Is it possible to use Chart filters on custom computed properties? Or better yet, is there any kind of support for variables?

I have a Schema similar to:

  NestedArrayA: [ { ProjectNumber: "1" }, { ProjectNumber: "2" } ],
  NestedArrayB: [ { ProjectNumber: "2" }, { ProjectNumber: "6" } ]

I need to create charts that summarise the number of documents matching a ProjectNumber in either (and in both) collections so I can’t use a filter as that would force matching one or both.

Is there any way to define a custom filter/variable for “ProjectNumber” that I can use in the chart queries?

Yes, you can do this either by adding a calculated field, or by putting a custom pipeline into the query bar. In either case, the resulting value will be shown in the field panel and can be used for filtering.


Thanks for your reply @tomhollander.

I might be missing something here. I’ve added a computed field AllProjectNumbers to an individual Chart with the aggregation:

    $setUnion: [


When I try to add a Dashboard filter- I might not have been clear it was a dashboard filter I want to add. My computed field itsn’t an option and I have no option to add “missing” fields.

The reason I’d like to use a Dashboard filter is to allow users of the Dashboard to select a Project Number to be used in a number of charts.

Ah sorry I missed that you were trying to use dashboard filters. Dashboard filters do not allow you to use fields defined in individual charts. However you can create a Charts View on the Data Sources page containing your pipeline, and then you can use that in the dashboard filters.


Thank you. Chart views are what I was looking for.

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