Atlas Charts: Issue with Date Filtering

I am having an issue with the Filtering feature not working when working with ISODate types.

When viewing the public link to my dashboard for example, applying a filter of Period: Previous 162 Days, half of the data is removed as expected.

However, when applying the exact same filter while editing the chart directly all of the data is returned. This happens both while editing the chart, and when sending a date filter query through the Charts Embedding SDK.

It seems to have the following behavior specifically:

  • Query or filter for date range containing no data: no documents are shown on chart
  • Query or filter for date range containing at least one document: all documents are shown on chart

Filters or queries for any other field (numeric, string) work as expected.
The chart is a Grid/Heatmap type if that makes a difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Mitch_Palmer -

This definitely isn’t expected, and I’ve not been able to reproduce the behaviour you are describing. Is it possible for you to send some screenshots showing the issue?