Associate Developer practice questions

What percentage of the practice questions should I be able to get correct for a reasonably good chance of passing the certification? First attempt I got 64% with a couple of errors I could have easily avoided. Is that good enough? Or are we talking 80-90% plus?

I’ve not gone though the elective parts of the node developer path, is it worth doing them? (I struggled with the aggregation questions, should I go through the elective “MongoDB Aggregation” or just go over the required MongoDB Aggregation with code" again?

Hey @James_Reed,

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In keeping with certification industry best practices, MongoDB continues to offer examinees a pass/fail result and topic-level performance percentages. The scores are not shared with the test-takers. Regarding the topics, even if you have completed the Developer Path, it’s always good to refer to and learn more existing material. Kindly refer to the Program Guide and Exam Study Guide for more details on how to prepare for the exam and other details.

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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