Associate developer NodeJS practice questions - incorrect answers?

can someone please give me a hint which one is correct answer and why? thanks!
this is Node.js

and this one,

You asked for hints so here are they :wink:

Which function name do we use to delete a single document (first match)? Delete Documents — MongoDB Shell

what does an empty object, {}, mean in a multi-document update? Update Documents — MongoDB Shell

what if field does not exists in the document when you use “$set”? $set — MongoDB Manual

thank you for the hints, Yilmaz Durmaz,
so, can I ask questions further, why the answers are incorrect?

  1. B. db.scores.deleteOne({“name”: “E. M.”})
  2. if we test the data in Mongo shell, why the B answer is incorrect ?
    thanks again!

I really don’t know but a possible explanation is the use of a mix of questions with python exams. python uses delete_one(). Is that the correct answer you are given?

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Thank you Yilmaz Durmaz for answering my question.
that was what I was guessing (mix of questions with python) when I reviewed my test results.
Hopefully, this will NOT happen during the REAL EXAM.
thanks again!