ARM64 Build from Source on Raspberry Pi 4

I followed the advice from here

I changed the branch to 4.4.4 instead of the 4.4.0 listed there. The build was successful, though it took a few hours to complete on my 8GB Pi 4.

The hiccup I’m running into now is that the process won’t stay running. I can run mongod, and it’ll spit out a bunch of messages, then terminate. If I run as root, everything is fine, but I get a warning about running the process as root user. I also get a warning stating the rlimits are too low, current value 1024.

I don’t mind running as root for the time being, but will the rlimits warning become a problem later?

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Hi -

Can you provide the text of the rlimit warning? And what does it say right before it terminates?


2021-02-17T11:08:58.159-06:00: Soft rlimits too low
        2021-02-17T11:08:58.159-06:00:         currentValue: 1024
        2021-02-17T11:08:58.159-06:00:         recommendedMinimum: 64000

Here’s the last line before it terminates
{"t":{"$date":"2021-02-17T13:09:29.594-06:00"},"s":"I", "c":"CONTROL", "id":23138, "ctx":"initandlisten","msg":"Shutting down","attr":{"exitCode":100}}

Earlier on in the output, I see this :
{"t":{"$date":"2021-02-17T13:09:29.593-06:00"},"s":"E", "c":"STORAGE", "id":20557, "ctx":"initandlisten","msg":"DBException in initAndListen, terminating","attr":{"error":"IllegalOperation: Attempted to create a lock file on a read-only directory: /data/db"}}

So I think it might be a permissions error on that folder. I’ll try changing that, and see what happens. Thanks!