Arguments to vector search in local Realm, please contribute

My arguments to include vector search in local realms. We need observe industry moving inference priority to edge ( see Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, Meta ( Llama mobile ) MS ( Onnx ) Google ( Gemini Nano ) and many others.

1 - Cost
. Cost transfer to edge.
. Reduced Infrastructure Costs ( data transfer, servers , etc. )
. Scalability without pay high price
2 - Enhanced Privacy and Security. Local data.
3 - Offline Functionality
4 - Resilience to Network Failures
5 - Low Latency, real-time responses
.Real-time Insights and Decision Making

Many user cases can benefit from this.

I know that this feature need a hard work and investment. But for clients like me that use Realm Sync and local Realm in app it’s great importance.

Competition is taking first place