Are there MongoDB distribution Email lists for latest updates?

Hi All,
Sorry if this is the wrong part to post- I didn’t see a “general”

Is there a MongoDB distribution list we can “subscribe” to for new features or updates to MongoDB?

For example: (We use MongoDB Atlas)

MongoDB Point in Time Recovery is not available in MongoDB 4.2 Atlas. We would like to upgrade but PIT is a requirement for us, so we’ll have to wait. Is there a way to get simple email list we can be a part of latest features/updates?

Also any great unofficial MongoDB, news or article email distributions I’d be interested in as well.

thank you

Hi @nchan,

While not an email distribution list, you can follow the Product & Drivers Announcements category in this forum where the relevant MongoDB teams will post update announcements. This will replace the existing Google Groups mailing list that used to serve this function.



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