Are cloudformation resources still supported

Hello I have stumbled upon this repository: which seems to offer official cloudformaton resources for mongodb.
However these resources (and the repo) are in BETA state and there are some things to fix.

Is this project still going on, or is it abandoned? There was no activity in the repo(codewise) for the last three months.

HI @Simon_Obetko -

Thanks for your note. You are right there hasn’t been much activity in that repo, but we have been working privately over the last couple months and will have some news coming soon on this project.

In the meantime, we have a new Get-Started project you can try out: and forthcoming blog! Please share your feedback thanks!

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Hi all-

We have launched our MongoDB Atlas CFN resources in the AWS Public Registry. See Deploy and Manage MongoDB Atlas from AWS CloudFormation | MongoDB Blog for more info, or feel free to open a topic here.