Are Atlas functions calls encrypted in transit?


I’m somewhat of a newbie on the MongoDB Atlas platform, I’ve been playing around the functionalities offered via the free tier offered. When it comes to functions on atlas I can’t seem to find a clear answer as to weather the content of the request to said function is encrypted in transit or not. The documentation explains that all network traffic to MongoDB clusters is protected by TLS by default, so is that the case for function calling from an android app via the Realm SDK? Or do I need to set a HTTPS endpoint to then call a function?

The post might be a useless one since the response might be obvious. I’m really looking for a confirmation.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Jose!

Apologies for the delay in response. App Services uses TLS to secure all network requests to and from your application, including apps that connect from a Realm SDK. You do not need to set up an HTTPS endpoint separately to call an Atlas function from an Android app; the Realm SDK handles the communication securely over TLS by default.

It’s important to note that while communication between the app and the Atlas cluster is encrypted in transit, you should still take measures to secure sensitive data within your app and follow best practices for data handling and storage on the client side. Hope this helps answer your question :slight_smile: