Arbiter Logging Error Every Second


I have a PSA architecture where the arbiter was added as the last node. rs.status() dumps health: 1 for all nodes but there’s a log entry that I see appending every 1 second in the arbiter node. This is what it says:

{"t":{"$date":"2023-10-22T14:47:19.001+00:00"},"s":"W",  "c":"QUERY",    "id":23799,   "ctx":"ftdc","msg":"Aggregate command executor error","attr":{"error":{"code":26,"codeName":"NamespaceNotFound","errmsg":"Unable to retrieve storageStats in $collStats stage :: caused by :: Collection [] not found."},"stats":{},"cmd":{"aggregate":"","cursor":{},"pipeline":[{"$collStats":{"storageStats":{"waitForLock":false,"numericOnly":true}}}],"$db":"local"}}}

Should this be ignored or something be fixed?

Hi @rick123

From the documentation:,of%20the%20database.

So, if the arbiter node serves only for voting and is not a data-carrying node, logically, it will not be an impactful issue.


I also have the same problem, which has been bothering me for a long time. Have you solved it? :sob:

I think the problem is that the replica set config is not set.

When I start a new db in docker like ‘mongod --bind_ip_all --replSet xxx_repl_set --keyFile xxxx’. is missing and NamespaceNotFound errors keep popping.
rs.status() says ‘MongoServerError: no replset config has been received’

rs.initiate() fixed this.

same issue here, this is quite impact-full as the log-files get really big… especially if combined with real problems.
Due to the configuration-options being not available to filter-out QUERY-logging it is also not possible to try it that way.
We tried different configs, but would really need to see these unnecessary logs being removed in a future release, or given the option to filter the out.
For now we are left with pushing logs to dev\null :-/