Appservices/realm-cli vs. root_config.json/realm_config.json

Hi all,

Recently updated our sandbox devops build scripts from realm-cli to appservices. I noticed if we download the app from the GUI, it will give us realm_config.json. But when I pull it down using appservices, I get root_config.json.

Is there a release note out there discussing the right way to transition from the old to the new? Also, is realm_config.json being supported still?

I want to avoid pushing around the inconsistent files between client and server while the transition is happening, so wanted to see what the proper way was if there was any official migration guidance. I did look through the docs but seeing references to both files. (Looks like the contents of the files haven’t changed though).

Thanks for any guidance!

Hi, yes we still need to update the link from the GUI, but the version of the app with realm_config.json will still be supported from the new appservices CLI, so with that CLI you can use either version (but you won’t be able to push root_config.json with the realm-cli). We encourage people to switch to the appservices CLI since that’s where updates and fixes in the future will be

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Thanks @Christine_Chen for the super quick response. That answers my question.

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