Approach to web app with SDKs

Hi all,

I have an iOS app that uses the App Services Swift SDK. I’m planning to make a web app for this as well, with a Vue front end.

Usually I would create a Vue front end connected to a Node + Express backend. However, while I have got the Node SDK working on the backend, I cannot see how it can manage sessions between front and back ends. This might just be because I’m less experienced on web!

Is it better to use the Web SDK on the front end directly, rather than create a backend with the Node SDK? I’m just hoping to find out which way is more natural based on how the SDKs are designed.


I’m just providing an update to this, in case it helps other people starting out.

I’ve got the Realm web SDK Web Assembly version (realm@12.0.0-browser.2`) working correctly in a Vue 3 composition API setup with single file components. With this I can authenticate and use both the data API and synced realms to access a users data.