App recommendation for the forum / discourse?


I am looking for an app for discourse to make reading and getting push messages / notifications more easy while not at my lap/desktop.

Discourse has an official app:

Unfortunately both are more or less a wrapper for the website. Beside these two there are other apps but none really add value to the use of the native website unless you want a bookmark manager for multiple Discourse sites. I focused on iOS alternativea, @Stennie told me something similar for Android.

The Discourse UI is generally fine on mobile without an app, some minor issues like narrow buttons are there in case your screen is small (e.g. 4,7"). So using “Add to Homescreen” is an option to have an app icon to launch the site and fewer taps to get the information needed. Unfortunately this approach doesn’t deliver O/S level notifications on app icon badges or notification.

Is there anyone around who found an app which provides these notifications or maybe someone already wrote a notification wrapper for discourse?

I’d be happy to hear about your findings, or if you too would like to have such an app or wrapper?