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I 'm following the Android Kotlin Tutorial. I followed all the instructions in Set up the Task Tracker Tutorial Backend and in step E. ‘Use the Realm CLI to Create a New Task Tracker Backend Realm App’ I pushed the app and got the Successfully pushed app up message. Nothing showed under the Realm tab in the GUI for my cluster though. I could see the app locally using realm-cli as below.

$ realm-cli apps list Found 1 apps mytasktracker-sswdk (610c24344da5bd24612480b3)

I tried deleting the app locally and retrying to no avail. I did see a blue bar under the Atlas tab saying something like ‘Work in progress…processing your deployment (??)’. That bar then went away, now when I navigate to the Realm tab I get a large ‘Welcome to MongoDB Realm’ popup with various options starting with ‘Build Your Own App’.

Any ideas please? I have no idea how to proceed…

Hi Ewan!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the tutorial. Without more information about what failed, it’s hard to say for sure what’s wrong with your app deployment. I would try the following steps:

  1. When realm-cli deploys an app from a template, it makes some changes to the local files to include IDs for that deployed app specifically. Reset the backend template to remove those identifiers:
    git reset --hard
  2. Log out of realm-cli:
    realm-cli logout
  3. Create a new project (and free-tier Atlas cluster) to separate entirely from whatever config caused problems with the last app.
  4. Retry the backend setup tutorial from Step D.

Hopefully the deployment issue you experienced was just a one-time error. If this continues to give you problems, it would be helpful to have the full realm-cli output from your deployment attempt to see if there are any warnings or errors in there.

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Hi Nate,

Thanks very much, I did a hard git reset and logged out (your steps 1 & 2) and then
realm-cli login --api-key XXXX XXXXX
realm-cli push

I can now see the application in Realm and am up and running again :slight_smile:

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