Anybody got a valid reason why mongoDb is best for a Job Portal

when it comes to develope a new Job porta., Jobs database, Jobs website , job board
PHP/MySQL into mind if you think of FOSS

also job portal has CVs (documents)
anyone has any valid points, why mongoDB wins over MySQL in all terms over MySQL
if the Project is to design and develop a FOSS Job portal

I don’t know if MongoDB is “best” for such a portal, but the following might be the best argument in favor of MongoDB vs. MySQL (both of which I use in web design):

Most of your data entities will be largely self-contained. A user profile can easily be expressed as one document, without requiring relational normalization. Likewise, for your job offerings, there will be only one relational element: the one-to-many relation between a job offerer and multiple job offerings.

One question will be: which system makes it easier to do the queries and searches you plan?

Model your system in both environments and see which you find more comfortable.

Experience, even a small amount of experience, beats recommendations every time!