Anybody built a watch app on Realm? If so, how did you solve sync?

In 2020 I asked if anyone had built a watch app on realm here Anyone built a watch app on Realm? - #14 by Simon_Persson

I submitted a feature request to mongod db here for adding watch support here: Support Apple Watch (Sync) – MongoDB Feedback Engine

The feature request is one of the most highly requested feature on the realm suggestions page. Four years have passed and my app still doesn’t have a watch app, which is nowadays a must. What is a good strategy to sync apple watch data with Atlas?

Here are some alternatives
Wait for realm to implement sync support.
I doubt this will happen as nothing has happened in 4 years?

Make use of GraphQL to make requests
I guess you should be able to use GraphQL directly to query data and submit data? Anyone done this from the Apple Watch?

Make use of WatchConnectivity to sync data between Watch and Watch and then let the iPhone do the syncing
I guess this strategy is what most will be doing. But watch connectivity is very spotty and I have seen competitors struggle with their watch apps and sync. Is this what you all are doing? Any pointers on how to make this as smooth as possible when using Realm?

Would be awesome to hear how everybody has solved the watch app sync problem. I feel that having a watch app is a must these days and that my app is falling behind in this area.

Still no one who has manager to solve this?