Another _id__baas_transaction on a simple updateOne

Hi super supporters,

I got a similar topic here, but it’s closed. So I created a new one.

My situation is a little bit different.

I have 2 functions:

  • system-level-function: A system level function (allow System call) to generate a record of PromoCode collection
  • api-key-level-function: An api-key level funtion (allow API KEY User to call) to check the PromoCode and update a few fields of that collection

My update method is simply .updateOne(query, {$set: {field1: value1}})

A) But that update never completed, instead an internal flag added in:

{ … _id__baas_transaction: ObjectId(…) }

I’ve checked the schema permissions and I can see that schema allows all read, write, update, delete by default.

B) Things is, when I tried executing the api-key-level-function using System user (via the console). It run very well as expected.

Could you please have some advice to my situation. I’m guessing about user/role issue but I’m not sure. I don’t see any point in configuration that may cause the issue (that collection is open for all users/roles with full access grant).

Thank you,

I found the issue, there is a broken in the canWritePartition.

So we can close this now. Thank you. :grin:

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