Announcing the Hackathon Prizes!

:eyes: Hackathon Prizes!

We are so close to getting submissions now, we should really let you know what’s potentially in-store for you for all your hard work!

So, drumroll please! :drum:

Grand Prize Team Winners (Up to a maximum of 4 in team):


  • Oculus Rift Quest 2
  • Free tickets to MongoDB World
  • $300 USD Atlas Credits
  • Project featured on stage at MongoDB World
  • MongoDB Swag Pack
  • “World Hackathon ‘22” grand prize winner profile badge

Runner-Up Prizes (3 Total):

Nintendo Switch (1)

  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Free tickets to MongoDB World
  • $200 USD Atlas Credits
  • MongoDB Swag Pack
  • “World Hackathon ‘22” runner up profile badge

All Entrants with a submitted project

  • “World Hackathon ‘22” exclusive tee-shirt & stickers
  • $100 Atlas Credits

Prize Eligibility

As long as your project uses MongoDB & the GDELT dataset in some way, and it works and is original, you’ll be eligible for prizes.

Submission is

  • A description of your project
  • A short video/screencast of your project in action
  • A link to your repo

Projects will be judged on three simple criteria: Is it creative, is it well designed, and is it well made?

So feel free to take your projects in exciting directions and take this opportunity to satisfy your inquisitive mind!

Project submission form will be available shortly