Announcing mongovi v2.0.0

I would like to announce mongovi v2.0.0: Release v2.0.0 · timkuijsten/mongovi · GitHub

mongovi is a command line interface for MongoDB that I’ve built and been using for the past 6 years. It has the following features:

  • easy integration into shell pipelines by reading and writing MongoDB Extended JSON via stdin/stdout
  • move around databases and collections using the common cd idiom
  • easy and secure MongoDB authentication using ~/.mongovi
  • emacs-like and vi-like key bindings
  • tab-completion of commands, databases and collections

Version 2.0.0 adds support for UTF-8 and includes many, many performance improvements, code cleanups and simplifications.

I’m currently looking for someone that can help with getting it uploaded as a package to Debian:

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I was struggling at the second step but was finally able to make it happen.

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Thanks for the feedback!

If you have any suggestions for better wording/documentation or like to elaborate on what was confusing, please let me know.