Angular Realm Sync

It seems like React Native has sync support but not angular?

We are disappointed that angular has no support for sync. Are there any workarounds?

Yes, I am also struggling to enable ‘SYNC’ offline feature of mongoDB RealM. No information found about specifically ANGULAR framework! You can go thru the doc and implement REALTIME data in your app.

Correct the realm-web SDK does not support the realm database or sync which is called out in the docs here -

We are investigating what it would take to bring these capabilities to realm-web in the future but it is a long-term project

Thanks for your reply. I planned to move my next project to ‘mongodb realm’ to get ‘OFFLINE SYNC’ feature, but after getting your reply in the community I am really disappointed.
Anyways, looking forward to get the feature available in web sdk as soon as possible.