And the winners are

Hello Hackers!

The entries arrived last Friday and we’ve been busy reviewing since. Thank you all so much once again for you submissions and participation, we’ve really enjoyed the last 7 weeks or so of hackathon fun and collaboration!

We are nearly finished our deliberations and we have decided to announce the winners from the Community Cafe stage live at MongoDB World on Wednesday morning at 10:30am on June 8th. Can’t make it to NYC? That’s no problem, we don’t want you to miss a single moment so you can now also register virtually for FREE for MongoDB World now! (scroll down to see the Virtual Ticket option)

So tune on Wednesday to see the results of all you hard work! We’ll also announce it here on the forums too and closer to the day, we’ll share a link also.

Thank you all again, from the whole Hackathon team here at MongoDB - it’s been a blast and we’ve enjoyed having you!


Hello Hackers…

Thank you all so much again for your participation. Apologies for the delay in posting here - we were hoping to be able to share the event livestream announcing the winners, but we’ve been delayed with getting access to the video. So…not wanting to postpone any further, we are delighted to announce the winners! :drum: Please!

3rd Place

Cryptic News - Made a collection with a hourly measure of Tone, Goldstein and Bitcoin Price for the events related with the crypto world (using the URL).
Team: @Crist

2nd Place

Good News - The “GOODNEWS” web app highlights positive news from the GDELT Dataset.
Team: @Fiewor_John @Avik_Singha @Sucheta_Singha

And the Winner is…


Marga Compos - The newsroom’s goal is to show people positive news happening all around the world in an engaging/creative way.
Team: @Margarita_Campos_Quinones

And you can watch the winning video submission here -

Many, many congratulations to our winners! We will be in touch directly with regard to prizes.

Thank you all again, from the whole Hackathon team here at MongoDB. We hope to get the chance to do this again and we hope you all enjoyed the experience, and learned something new!


I am so happy! this is great news! thank you :green_heart:
I had a lot of fun doing the project and definitely learned a lot.
I was wondering if there will be a way to see the announcement at the MongoDB World in YouTube or something as I missed it live due to work.


Thank you again! I just realized the name of the project is my name instead of “The Newsroom” which was the intended name.
I’m so sorry, I must have sent the submission wrong :sweat_smile: :laughing:


It was unbelievable, we were thrilled to know the result. We are so happy. Today I saw the live stream recording.

Truly it was an awesome experience participating in the Hackathon. Learned a lot of things.
Joined live stream for first time. Explored MongoDB Charts, such an awesome tool.

Would like to thank @Shane_McAllister , @Mark_Smith , @nraboy , @Angie_Byron , @Joe_Drumgoole , @Stennie you all for your great support. Thank you @Angie_Byron once again for sharing such an awesome idea. Never thought an online hackathon can be so engaging,
Thank you again @Shane_McAllister , @Mark_Smith , and @nraboy for giving us the opportunity to live stream in such a great platform.

Lastly it wouldn’t be possible without great team efforts. Thank you @Fiewor_John and @Sucheta_Singha. Cheers!! :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :confetti_ball:

Looking forward to participate in future hackathons.

Posting lately due to some issues…


Good work everyone! This was fun to watch :slight_smile:


Thank you @Avik_Singha and everyone!
This was the experience of a lifetime. Fun and educative to say the least.
Looking forwards to next time? :grinning:


It was a great opportunity to share and study.
I wanted to thank all the people in the community. :+1:

Thank you :vulcan_salute:


And here’s the announcement Video from the Community Cafe Stage @ MongoDB World for those who may have missed it live