Amazon S3 service: createPresignedPost

I’d like to use presigned POST requests in Amazon S3, instead of PUT, to limit the file size (tutorial).

The Amazon S3 service does not seem to support the createPresignedPost function — it doesn’t appear in the list of possible actions when setting rules. How can I use it?

MongoDB team, any idea? Is that possible?

Hi Jean-Baptiste,

If this action was added relatively recently then it would explain why we have not have added support yet. I also couldn’t find it in the list of S3 API actions documentation.

As a workaround we recommend using the AWS SDK.


@Mansoor_Omar Thank you for your reply.

I don’t think it’s a new feature; in the link you sent, I can’t see the supported presignURL neither.

It is listed here:

Do you think support for this method could be added in the foreseeable future?