Although I connected before, I can't connect now and I get the connect ETIMEDOUT error

I setup my mongodb to my server. I can access the server and data from a uri and i save this uri at mongodb compass. Everything was working fine untill last night. I get “Connect ETIMEDOUT” error while connecting to database on server via mongodb compass and even though I made any changes.
How can i fix this? Please HELP

I’m getting the same ETIMEOUT error. It was working fine at one time, now I haven’t been able to connect for weeks.

Hi, @Ahmet_Gurel
The most probable cause is the strict IP access list on Atlas, and an IP change on your router.

If you don’t have a static IP contract with your internet provider, then any reset on your router will get a new IP, by whether a purposed reset or power outage. In that case, if you have set restricted IP access on your cluster, then since your IP has changed, you will not be able to access your cluster

@Joseph_Brown , Do you think this might be your case? please check your IP and cluster’s access list.


That’s not the issue. I’ve asked a question at Getting ETIMEOUT error when attempting to connect and included the actual connection string.

Yes, you were right. I wanted to access away from home internet. When I added the current IP as strict IP, I was connected it. Thanks.

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