Alternative of IP WhiteListing in Atlas?


User Case:

We have a local server and deployed a project, and that project will access through the LAN to another chield PCs,

We are using a wifi from a mobile/hotspot or net setter or dongle to connect the internet in just an only a local server for data transmission to the atlas,

So we are adding the public IP address to the IP whitelist to Atlas,


The problem is we have to use wifi from a mobile/hotspot or net setter or dongle method to connect the internet to the server, This connection is not persistent, sometimes it is disconnect because of a weak network.

So again we have to add the new IP address to IP whitelist in Atlas,

Second, we have to shut down the server every night and start in the morning, so every day we have to add the new IP address to IP whitelist in Atlas,

So we are searching for another method of authentication for Atlas server, instead of an IP whitelist, any token-based authentication so we don’t need to add an IP whitelist every time.


Hi @turivishal

Just an idea: how about using some service fronting the database, instead of opening the database itself to the end application? For example, something like what’s described in this blog post: REST APIs with Java, Spring Boot and MongoDB so that you only need to whitelist the REST API’s server IPs in Atlas, and open the API server to the world (with some authentication of course) so your app can use it?

Alternatively since you’re already using Atlas, you may be able to use Realm HTTPS endpoints executing some Realm functions that does the data manipulation. As a bonus, there are some built-in authentication methods with the HTTPS endpoints.

Those are just two ideas off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many other ways of doing this, with some tradeoffs specific to each technique.

Best regards


Thanks, @kevinadi,

Got your idea, I have to update my whole code for that and it will take time, but, this will work for my situation, We will implement one of the methods.