Alterantive for distinct in queryable encryption

How to do .distinct() operations in queryable encryption enabled collections

when using queryable encrypted collections, how can we perform .distinct() operation . How can we do grouping in aggregation in the encrypted fields ( _id : ‘$encryptedField’)

Hey @Bijith_K,

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Could you please share some more details about your use case so the community can assist you better?

For example,

  • The sample document and
  • The operation you want to perform as well as
  • The expected output documents
  • Also, share the version of MongoDB that is being used.

Meanwhile, you can refer to the Supported Operations for Queryable Encryption documentation to learn more about it.

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Yeah sure,
Sample document will be like,
[{name: …, email: …, city: …, state:… , date: 1512691200000, age: 20},{name: …, email:… , city: … ,state: …, date: 1666137600000, age: 23}]

In this collection, the name,email,city and state fields are encrypted.

From this document, i need to find unique cities.
If this was not a queryable encryption enabled collection , I can get result using the below query,
collection.distinct( “city” ).

But this collection is a queryable encryption enabled one. So this will not work.

I am expecting an output from the query is , [‘city1’,‘city2’].

I am using the Node.js driver for MongoDB.
My MongoDB version is 6.1.0

@Kushagra_Kesav , here is the detailed information regarding my query