Aggregation with multiple sorts then groups


So I’m kind of new to Mongo aggregations and after a lot of researching and googling I can’t figure out how to do a particular query.

Say I have many documents with the following format:

  _id: 1,
  client: "Some Client",
  type: "Some Type",
  firstUsed: 2021-01-05T13:23:37.000+0000
  lastUsed: 2021-05-05T18:11:23.000+0000

What I’m trying to do is group all the documents by type (for a particular client), and then get the first firstUsed datetime and the last lastUsed datetime.

I’ve been playing with aggregations but after doing a $match on the client, $group on the type, I can only figure out then how to get only one of the dates I need.

Sorting by firstUsed and getting the first document is fine, but then getting the last document doesnt mean I’m getting the correct lastUsed.

How do I re-sort and get the last lastUsed datetime while keeping the already found firstUsed?

Hope that makes sense,


Look at

and have one facet that does the lastUsed and another one for firstUsed. I am not too sure if you need to $group before $facet or $group inside each $facet. If you could supply a few more documents it might help to test.

Hello @Doto_Pototo, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

I can’t clearly understand what you mean by “… get the first firstUsed datetime and the last lastUsed datetime”. You can try using the Aggregation operator $max to get the highest of the lastUsed and $min for firstUsed in the $group stage of the pipeline.

As @steevej mentioned you can also try using $facet.

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