Aggregation operator for "is not null"

Looking through the list here:
I don’t see any operators that could be used to query if a field is “not null” (or “not equal” to null). Am I mistaken?


Since null is a valid value, you can leverage operator $ne:

    "$match": {
      "field": {
        "$ne": null

Working example


Hi @Francesca_Ricci-Tam,

This is not directly available within the $search stage to my knowledge. There’s also the associated feedback engine post for your request which you can vote for in the meantime.

You could possibly perform the $search stage first as per normal followed by a $match stage using the $ne operator (As Nenad has mentioned) if it suits your use case although I do understand that this would not make use of any indexes (for the $match stage that’s after the $search stage).



Thanks @NeNaD and @Jason_Tran – indeed, using a $match right after the $search stage is exactly what I ended up doing in the end. : )
I realized that I was approaching it the wrong way – I shouldn’t be trying to filter on non-text parameters inside the $search stage (which would be primarily for text-based searching).

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