AggregateOptions AllowDiskUse not passed to server?

I am trying to use an aggregation to identify duplicated data.

The code below fails with a MongoCommandException which says:
‘Command aggregate failed: Exceeded memory limit for $group, but didn’t allow external sort. Pass allowDiskUse:true to opt in’

I am using AggregateOptions {AllowDiskUse = true}, but it seems like that setting is not passed to the MongoDB server.

var collection = database.GetCollection<BsonDocument>(collectionName);

string strPipeline = @"
        $group : 
                _id : {raw_curve_id : ""$raw_curve_id"", published_date : ""$published_date"", delivery_date : ""$delivery_date"", value : ""$value""},
                ids: { $push: ""$_id""},
                saved_dates: { $push: ""$saved_date""},
                count: {$sum: 1}
    {$match: { count: {$gt: 1} } },
var pipelineDoc = BsonSerializer.Deserialize<BsonDocument[]>(strPipeline);
var cursor = await collection.AggregateAsync<BsonDocument>(pipelineDoc, new AggregateOptions {AllowDiskUse = true});
var firstDuplicate = await cursor.FirstOrDefaultAsync();

Are you using MongoDB Atlas Free Tier or shared cluster? If so, the allowDiskUse option is ignored (source):

Atlas Free Tier and shared clusters do not support the allowDiskUse option for the aggregation command or its helper method.

If you are not using Atlas Free Tier or shared cluster, you can use command monitoring to inspect the command the driver sends to the server.

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