Aggregate multiple databases (one DB is placed locally on PC, second - on host in net)

Cans anybody to provide the ‘real world’ simple example of using aggregation function and join 2 collections from 2 DBs (placed as mention in this title), something like here: . Generally, Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Andrei

I don’t think MongoDB can join two databases where one is on-prem, but I believe you can join multiple MongoDB Atlas based databases in a single query using Atlas Data Federation. Using Data Federation you can also join Atlas Data Lake and data in AWS S3 buckets.

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Nothing stops you from implementing your own federation.

You just connect your application to the 2 servers, reading data from both and storing the result where ever you wish.

You can even do that by simply doing 2 mongodump, one from each servers. The mongorestore to 2 different databases to the target mongod, then use aggregation with $merge in the order you want.

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Salut Steeve! Yes, we have the middleware in our project and I’m able to call the api routes to get data from the desired collections. Actually I need to compare metadata in related collections and update data in the local collection by the user call by the running a script (Node + js). This script (Node + js) does not work properly and we do not use refs in our mongoose schema . I’d like ro rewrite it with using aggregation func. Could you, pls, write for me the short example of code how to create/merge those collections to temporary/ virtual DB, then put make to aggregation func.?

Thanks Kevin for your answer! Can you get me the simple example how can I make it with using JavaScript code? Or link for tutorial?

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