Adding fields in dictionaries inside list

I want to update by pushing new fields to an existing dictionary object inside a list. For example, the current structure looks like:

    _id: 1 ,
    name: 'example',
    info: [
      { num: '123' },
      { num: '456' },

Say I want to add new fields like “age” and “address” specifically to the dict where num = “123”.
So, I would want something like:

info: [
      { num: '123' , age: 32, address: "xyz" },
      { num: '456' },

How would I go about this?
I’ve looked at MongoDB 4.2 update pipeline: “Push or Update” in nested array but found it difficult to understand. I would really appreciate explanations on how to do something like this. Thanks in advance.

Hello @noirblnq, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

You can use the following $ array update operator usage for your use case:

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