Add x.509 Certificate subject as a User - authentication errors

Working on the following here:

Some context, using mongo v5.0 - havent been able to connect via mongosh yet…except when the TLS configuration is disabled in mongo.conf file. When i do this, i have the subject information, i switch over to $external db or admin db and run the command to create the user and i get an error:

MongoServerError[Unauthroized]: command createUser requires authentication

Now the problem is, this is a brand new database, which has no users. I am trying to import and restore as well from the old database which we had, (not sure if it imports the user settings )if it did then i could use the external users w/tls. But even when i do a mongorestore, it complains with the following:

Failed: userdb-files: error reading database: (Unauthorized) command listCollections requires authentication

not really sure what the next steps would be…essentially i have all the TLS information set up and imported from other server and archived data but i can’t do anything for setting up the user or restoring the DB as i’m getting auth errors mentioned above. Enabling the TLS again, will error as it cannot find the x.509 client certificate users.

Any help/input is appreciated.