Add data to Atlas Sample App Bug Fix Typo

Just noticed a small one letter typo with one of the pip install with Python (dnspython) when creating an Atlas Sample app through a Free Cluster. Thought I’d bring it up to any employee’s attention as it might confuse new users.

Kind Regards,
Gareth Furnell

Hi Gareth, thanks for reporting this, we’ll have it fixed ASAP.

Do you have any feedback on your experience using the sample application to add data and connect? We’re always looking to improve the new user experience.

That sounds good, thanks for the speedy response :). in all other documentation and README’s they seem to be great.

My experience with setting up a sample application was easy to understand and get into the developers shoes for many other programming languages as a DBA, it is an extremely versatile feature to get you started and connecting the best Database to an application quickly. I look forward to creating much more with this, thanks.

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