Accessing to single instance in a Sharded Cluster, redirects me to mongos

Hi everyone,

I hope to be in the right category post.
I am in trouble in a production environment where there’s a 3 replicated node sharded cluster, and I want to know the current replica set settings (for each of the 3 rs) with rs.conf() but when I try to log into a single instance using:
mongo --host <host_name> --port <port_num> --username <user> --authenticationDatabase <auth_db> -p <pwd>
I get redirected to the mongos, where the command rs.conf() and any replica set related command dont’t work.

How can this happen, what’s the configuration that is preventing me to access the single instance, or more specifically the replica-set?
Is this default to mongodb in newer versions?

I can’t find anything at all.
Thank you in advance

Your replicas,mongos must be runing on different ports
Are you giving the correct port_num?
To connect to individual replica members give appropriate port and to connect to replicaset as whole you need to give replset name along with members
Check documentation for exact syntax

I don’t have admin capabilities on these systems.
I can tell port numbers are the same on each system but with different host names

Are you giving correct hostnames?
Do you know your replicasetname
Did you try
mongo --host replset/host1:port,host2:port, etc
Check documentation