About pricing mondoDB

I am using mongoDB as a db. I create this thread to receive advice about your services. I am using Strapi, link my mongoDB cluster with Strapi.

Now every time I create a user in Strapi, I upload it in the db, also the user’s images, I have some doubts.

  1. My database weighs very little, barely 500kb. In case it exceeds 500 mb, what will happen to my db?

  2. In your plans, is there the option of paying $ 57 per month to get 1TB of space and other things, if my db exceeds 1TB of space, will I have to pay a more expensive one ?.

There is the option to pay only for storage ?, that is, I pay for 5TB and I never pay again, or it is mandatory to pay every month for the added space

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Imanol_Enrique_Serna!

I assume you are asking about MongoDB Atlas and are currently using the free tier.

If you are using a shared tier cluster (M0, M2, M5) the maximum storage is a hard limit that cannot be exceeded: your application will receive a write exception if a write would exceed your cluster’s current quota.

See What happens when I reach my Atlas storage limit? in the Atlas Storage FAQ for more information. If you need more (or less) storage you can change your cluster tier.

The Atlas Storage FAQ highlights current storage limits. Shared cluster tiers have a hard limit; dedicated clusters (M10+) support larger storage size and cluster auto-scaling.

There is also a new Atlas Serverless offering currently in preview, which has pricing based on resource usage (reads, writes, and storage) rather than cluster tiers based on instance sizing (RAM & CPU).

Storage is an ongoing cost rather than a one-off upgrade. If your storage requirement is TBs of data, you would either have a dedicated cluster (with options like auto-scaling) or be using Serverless (usage-based pricing).


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Ok let me understand you, first I upgrade to a cluster of m10, it is 0.08 dollars per hour with the max value of 128GB, per month it would be 56.7 dollars.

So suppose I update the cluster, now if my db is 2gb and suddenly I don’t pay for the m10 cluster, they change me to m2 (current), then mongo atlas would send an answer error: your database has exceeded 512 mb.

And couldn’t it keep storing data?