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Is the “MongoDB Cloud Manager” product still supported? When I connect to the product page to start a trial, I am launched on the Atlas page. I would like to use “MongoDB Cloud Manager” to monitor and perform on-premise MongoDB backups. I also did not find any link on the MongoDB main page for the product “MongoDB Cloud Manager”. Has it been discontinued?

You have to setup Cloud manager project after login to your account
Please go through this link

That’s right: after you register you can create a new Organization and select “Cloud Manager” for the type.

To answer your question: Cloud Manager is still supported, it’s just that MongoDB Atlas offers a transformationally higher value proposition for users so that’s where the growth is centered and where we’re investing in more and more rich scalability capabilities as well as Atlas Search. Triggers, Realm Mobile Sync, Atlas Data Lake, Online Archive, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region Charts, etc.


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