About books I read

Hello. Recently I wrote a post at another website about books I read. I see that some of you might like browsing the list:


Thanks for sharing @Prasad_Saya! That’s quite a comprehensive list.

Would love to know which books are you reading for the topics Refactoring and Clean Code? :slight_smile:


Thanks for reading my post. Those books are by Kent Beck and Robert Martin, respectively. Those two topics are part of good programming practices.


Wow! An AMAZING list! :heart_eyes: It’s always so interesting to see what sorts of things inspire people, especially across a varied scope of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

You’re inspiring me to make more time for reading this year. :slight_smile: My own similar list would be pitifully short atm. :sweat_smile:


You are scratching a nerv here. Time to just read and relax is best for charging my battery. Think of complete non tech stuff and suddenly ideas just fly in… So why do I sit at my desk at 8 pm?? I’ll grab the book I am reading and close the day. Thanks for the reminder :wink:

best Michael

@Prasad_Saya an amazing list!


Thinking about it, I read most of the books after dinner. Read one chapter a day (I am a :snail: reader). That way I have a chance to absorb what I am reading. It also allows me re-visit a random chapter in any book at anytime (I do pick a book from my shelf randomly and read a few paragraphs once in a while).

But, there were times I read early in the morning before starting my day :woozy_face:

When my work upgraded to 6.0 this book was a great help! Mastering MongoDB 6.x: Expert techniques to run high-volume and fault-tolerant database solutions using MongoDB 6.x, 3rd Edition https://a.co/d/5dbyETt

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