6 Things Lauren Learned While Modeling Data in MongoDB

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If you’ve ever found yourself questioning how to apply data modeling best practices to your projects, you’re not going to want to miss this live stream.

Lauren Schaefer recently worked with Maxime Beugnet and Mark Smith to rapidly build an app. The app retrieves daily stats about YouTube videos and visualizes the data in a dashboard. In their two-week sprint to get a working MVP, they did their best to model the data, but they didn’t get it all right the first time.

In this stream, Lauren will share six things she learned while modeling data for this app. You’ll leave with practical data modeling tips you can apply to your next project that uses MongoDB.

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Lauren Hayward Schaefer

Lauren Hayward Schaefer @Lauren_Schaefer

MongoDB, Developer Advocate

Maxime Beugnet

Maxime Beugnet @MaBeuLux88

MongoDB, Senior Developer Advocate