503 execution time limit exceeded when fetch data with Realm/GraphQL


I have implemented the Realm SDK in my React app : I’m using ApolloClient and GraphQL to fetch/update/delete data. Everything was working fine until around 2 hours ago: one of my requests, the one which fetches my user’s info stopped working, returning a 503 status after the request timeout expires along with the execution time limit exceeded.

I have been scratching my head because I didn’t modify anything in Atlas, nor in the Realm Admin dashboards today. I also haven’t modified the part in the React app where the fetching of the user data occurs, for at least a year. I’m really confused about what could cause this issue ; at first it looked to me like it might be a server issue at MongoDB but this status page indicates everything is running fine: https://status.cloud.mongodb.com/.

Anyone might know what’s causing my problem ? Thanks.