4x Cortex A76 – 2.0 GHz ARM8.2-A Micro Architecture and MongoDB 6.0+

Ok, so finding out I have to find a small enough computer system to run MongoDB 6.0 so I can take advantage of time-series data, right now the Raspberry Pi 4 can’t run the 6.0, but the Raspberry Pi 5 is expected to run 4x Cortex A76, per specs of 6.0 utilizes the ARM 8.2-A architecture so this means MongoDB 5.0+ and 6.0+ and maybe 7.0+ will hopefully run on the Raspberry Pi 5.

Does anyone know other SBCs running on the A76 or ARM8.2-A microarchitecture that can run Ubuntu Linux? Or Pop!_OS, or any Debian based OS?

As I’m running. a bid on a contract, Realm may suit the need, but I need to make sure that on the ship based devices they have something heavier duty that’s robust enough to handle incoming data from multiple sources, but also is focused on backend operation. As it’s supposed to ingest data transmitted from edge devices to it, and then from it transmit the data outbound that the edge devices themselves can’t do on their own.

And something like this is critical unless I look at terminal servers or USFF PCs which I’m trying to avoid, as then I have to build more custom boards and KiCAD isn’t that fun to work with to me.

Any information or advice would be awesome.

Allowed public specs disclosure:

  • Form Factor of on-board control systems
    – No larger than 76.2mm X 203.2
    – IP68 up to 10 meters
    – Automatic connection and interface with unmanned submersibles with as many as 48 at a time
    – Automatic flow of data collection and transmission when within range of data collection stations of other ships or shore stations
    – Independent power supply backup for 72 hours with PV recharging capability

  • Form factor of submersibles
    – No larger than 450mm x 245 mm
    – IP68 for up to 100 meters
    – Automatic connection and interface with data collection station when detected in range
    – GeoFencing capable
    – Independent power supply for 72 hours with PV recharging capability when at waters surface

Basically I have to keep the SBCs small, as a lot of other things have to go in to them, too.

Only thing I can think of off hand that could handle the data types:

  • GeoJSON
  • Time Series Data
  • Multisource ingress
  • High output egress
  • ACID

Is MongoDB itself, as Realm honestly won’t be able to handle a lot of these on its own. So a lot of muscle swill have to be done via Apollo for the edge clients, but still need to figure something out for the onboard systems for the boats.