404: page not found error on Viewing MongoDB 4.0 Node.js API Reference Website

I am getting 404: Page Not Found error page when I click any sub category link on the MongoDB 4.0 Node.js driver API Website.

For example, in the above website, on right hand side section there is a link to MongoClient. Clicking the link results in 404: Page Not Found message.

I have inspected the URL for MongoClient link and found that If the URL is changed to following then the page loads correctly: MongoClient | mongodb

So the issue is with the link generation. Please fix the links so that it is easier to navigate between the pages and view latest documentation.

Issue not present in v4.1 API doc website so that can be used as reference.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Shantanu_Dutta!

Thank you for the bug report and the extra detective work. It looks like the 4.0 API docs are being generated with lowercase urls instead of the expected mixed case.

Another user reported this on social a few days ago so I have already raised NODE-3576: The Node 4.0 API docs are 404 for Class documentation for the Node.js driver team to follow up on.

I’ll add your extra context to the NODE-3576 Jira issue which you can watch for updates.

However, I do recommend upgrading to the Node.js 4.1 driver series as there are some notable improvements:

  • The v4.1.0 release fixes a performance issue where command monitoring was enabled by default and also adds support for the new Atlas Serverless beta
  • The v4.1.1 release includes better error handling, TypeScript fixes, and some performance improvements for BSON deserialisation.


Hi Stennie,

Thanks for the update!

I am already using the latest Node.js 4.1 driver package from NPM. However in the MongoDB document page for Node.js 4.1 driver ( MongoDB Node Driver — Node.js), the API reference link is still pointing to v4.0 (where the Node.js version is showing 4.1). So I was navigated to v4.0 page and found the issue. I am now visiting v4.1 API reference page and not facing the issue. I think it would also be nice if the link in MongoDB documentation site is also updated.

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