3 days to go! Don't delay - Submit now for some extra Swag goodness!

Hello Hackers,

By now you should all be on the path to submission before the closing date on Friday. As mentioned before, there’s no issue with submitting early, Judging won’t start until after the closing date and all the details of your submission are shared only with the Judging team and not made public.

To encourage early submissions, the 1st 10 eligible submissions will receive some special bonus Swag - so don’t delay, submit now!!

Submissions close on Friday May 27th


I think I made an incomplete submission by error :sweat_smile: is there any way to modify it?
Also, it has not sent me any verification it was sent but when I try submitting again, it says I have already completed this wizard.
Any help welcome,

Hi @Margarita_Campos_Quinones ,

Apologies for any inconvenience – we’re investigating your incomplete submission and any possible technical issue.

The wizard was set to one submission per participant, but we removed that restriction in case it is causing issues.

Can you please try resubmitting?

Thank you,


Thank you!
I just did it and it worked perfectly.
Sorry for the inconvenience.