3.6 to 6.0 upgrade on Debian Bullseye

I have an install of 3.6 server with 4.2 tools etc and I am trying to get to a 6.0 version to support the latest release of graylog.

The docs say I can’t get to 4.2 without going to 4.0 first and I can’t do that because it requires libcurl3 7.16.2 or lower. I tried installing via deb and forcing it but it won’t even start.

Am I missing something?

How am I supposed to get to 6.0?

The upgrade should have been stepped though on the supported OS version(s).

Debian 9 would have allowed an upgrade to version 5.0

As for options:

A) Copy the database to a Debian 9 system and upgrade it through to 5.0 then bring it back over and then go to 6.0

B) Do it in Docker.
docker run --name upgmongo --rm -v /var/lib/mongodb:/data/db mongo:4.0
docker exec -it upgmongo mongosh … do additional upgrade steps. Then repeat for 4.2, 4.4, 5.0
As 6.0 is this system then complete the 6.0 step

C) Do it in a Debian 9 chroot, bind mount the database directory in it. (I prefer doing it on Docker, but I just tried this, Strech chroot on Ubuntu 20.04 :smiley: )

D) Get the existing datafiles running however and mongoexport/mongoimport. Not a “supported” method but it could save you a few upgrade steps if it does work.

Obligatory back up your data before doing anything.

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Option D allows me to jump right to 6.0?

So using this export / import option takes care of all the compatibility flags and database level requirement changes?

If so, I think that is the option I am going to take.

If it works, yah.

You mongoexport from the old and mongoimport into the new, you can even pipeline it.

But if I understand the situation you have a set of datafiles you can’t currently start a database with, so getting back to your base case of 3.6 running will be needed.

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I ended up using mongodump as somewhere else somebody said it was better and using this I was able to jump from 3.6 all the way to 6.0.

For anyone else that comes across this thread I was being held back by the unifi package for ubiquiti unifi network management and the newest version of graylog requires 5.0 or greater.

I am now off to upgrade graylog and then pull down unifi and mongodb in a docker container using the following guide. https://techoverflow.net/2021/12/30/simple-unifi-controller-setup-using-docker-compose/

Will report back if this all works, cause I am sure there are others with a similar setup out there.

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Everything worked!

Thanks @chris for helping me get here!

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