2 SPA apps in one realm app?

Hi guys, i have a question about architecture,
My project are 2 react apps, similar to ecommerce shopify, the store admin app (aka app-admin) for store owners and the public store itself (aka app-customer), Im starting to work on the app-customer app and i need to use few of endpoints from app-admin then ideally i would like to use same realm app, but im not sure how to do that with the realm hosting, i need to deploy two differents apps and i would like to set a subdomain store.mydomain.com for the app-customer, is that possible?


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Basically you really just need to distinguish between regular users and admin users. Upon login an admin user would go down one pathway, while a regular user would go down another. Presumably, you will have a user collection that records whether a user is a regular user or an admin user. At the beginning, you could just set the admin property for a user in Atlas. Later on, when you want to get fancy you could add an admin panel to set this property directly in a UI.

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