2 Server replication setup

I made a 3 node setup with 2 servers only.
The auto server switching seems good.
Do you think if there is any issue with this kind of setup?

1 of the issue that I found is that:
If Primary is down and something is wrote in to Secondary, then if Secondary is down and Primary is up later, then something is wrote in the Primary, the data we wrote to Secondary will be lost after Secondary is up again.

If Secondary is down and something is wrote into Primary, then if Primary is down and Secondary is up later, then something is wrote in the Secondary, the data we wrote to Primary will be lost after Primary is up again.

I think its expected since the last timestamp one will be adopted for such 2 server setup.

Hey @shuryanc,

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In addition to the problem you pointed out, there are always issues with having multiple arbiters in a replica set and you should be sure that you need two arbiters in your current replica set instead of adding another secondary. My recommendation would be to replace the arbiter with another data-bearing member. You can read more about the issues from the documentation: Concerns with Multiple Arbiters.
You can also check out this forum post on the consequences of having arbiters in a replica set, see: Replica set with 3 DB Nodes and 1 Arbiter - #8 by Stennie

Please let us know if this helps or not. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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